Outstanding Departments

This is not an easy process and different from what most City staff do day-to-day. All the departments did an amazing job on the inventory, but there are some departments (and coordinators) that deserve special recognition.

They provided constructive feedback and exceptional assistance, helping to shape the inventory process. This is not based on the number of datasets each submitted, but rather on their active involvement in the process.

In no particular order:

Department of IT
  • Jonathan Behnke
  • Gary Hayslip
  • Scott Daeschner
  • Margo Sanchez
  • Debra Bond
  • Noel Gilchrist
City Clerk
  • Elizabeth Maland
  • Sheron Summers
City Treasurer
  • Mary Davis
  • Dee Dee Alari
  • Jonathan Carey
Park and Recreation
  • Andrew Field
Commission for Arts and Culture
  • Dana Springs
  • Christine Jones
Financial Management
  • Ben Battaglia
Fire-Rescue Department
  • Ken Barnes
Public Utilities
  • Linda Schmidt and all the PUD coordinators.
Transportation and Storm Water
  • Kris McFadden
  • Hassan Yousef
  • Linda Marabian

Additional Acknowledgements

Joy Bonaguro (CDO of San Francisco) Joy is a pleasure to collaborate with and was instrumental in helping plan the basics of the inventory process.

Allen Gunn The advice we have received from Allen (Director of Aspirationtech) has been invaluable and has led us down the path of better communication with the information coordinators.