Other Accomplishments


In April 2015, the City launched a public-facing budget tool, OpenGov, that to our knowledge is among the most transparent budget visualizations in the country.


Notably, our OpenGov launch took less than 4 weeks, making it the fastest large city deployment. Additionally, we are one of only a few cities that house the tool under a subdomain of sandiego.gov. We plan to upload FY 16 adopted as well as historical budget data in the near future. We also continue to work with the vendor to develop new functionality. In June 2015, our Director presented San Diego's story on this visualization and our Open Data program during a financial transparency webinar.

The tool is accessible at https://budget.sandiego.gov.

City Clerk

RDS Dashboard
Although not live yet, we repurposed the coordinator dashboard code for the City Clerk to help keep track of Records Disposition Schedules.

City of San Diego Website Redesign

MKF Website Redesign
In order to ensure that it works well with the Open Data initiative, we were heavily involved in the earlier stages, and will continue to be involved in the later stages, of the City of San Diego's Website Redesign project.

Meetings with Foreign Delegations

As the City moves along its Open Data program, we are beginning to receive global recognition for our thoughtful and insightful approaches to Open Data.

So far, we have met with delegations from the Republic of Macedonia and the Philippines to discuss Mayor Faulconer's advances in Open Data and Open Government.

These visitors were brought to San Diego by the San Diego Diplomacy Council in conjunction with the International Visitor Leadership Program, the premier professional exchange program of the U.S. Department of State. Through short-term visits to the United States, current and emerging foreign leaders in a variety of fields experience this country firsthand and cultivate lasting relationships with their American counterparts.

Meeting with the Delegation from the Republic of Macedonia

The delegation consisted of:

Ms. Gordana DUVNJAK
Political Journalist, MPM Media Print Macedonia, Utrinski Vesnik daily newspaper

Executive Director, Transparency Macedonia

Chief Inspector, Anti-Corruption Sector, Department for Suppressing Organized and Serious Crime, Ministry of Interior

President, Reactor-Research in Action

Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecution Office for Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption

Republic of Macedonia Delegation
As citizens of a newer European country (formerly a part of Yugoslavia) the Macedonian visitors were interested in how an Open Data program and other transparency initiatives could help advance economic development and prevent corruption. We presented the benefits of Open Data and how proactively releasing public information can build trust with the community and reduce workload on City staff.

Meeting with Philippines Delegation

The Philippines Delegation arrived with the following specific objectives:

  • Enable national and local leaders to acknowledge their accountability to the office they serve as well as to the citizenry that elected them;
  • Enhance civic engagement that will contribute to political, economic, and social development;
  • Promote broad-based participation in the democratic process;
  • Establish and promote transparency and accountability in government to eliminate the culture of corruption;
  • Promote respect for the rule of law and human rights in all sectors of society.

The delegation consisted of:

Mr. Dexter ANDO
Special Investigator, Commission on Human Rights, Region IX, Zamboanga City

Mr. Sherwin Prose CASTANEDA
Assistant Director, Bureau of Import Service, Department of Trade and Industry

Mr. Marco Dominic DE LOS REYES
Senior Personnel Specialist, Civil Service Commission

Ms. Norenna PENONES
Deputy Chief, Regional Intelligence Unit, Philippine National Police Intelligence Group

Ms. Kathryn Roja RAYMUNDO
Senior Staff Writer, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

Mr. Archemides SIGUAN
Immigration Officer, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Justice

Chief of Staff, Office of Senator Grace Poe, Philippine Senate

We presented the promise and progress of the inventory process, our plans for identifying high-value data sets, and how we will release the data. The participants expressed an interest in reviewing our protocols and keeping in touch as the dialogue around freedom of information continues in the Philippines.
Philippines Delegation