City of San Diego

About this Report

This second annual report on the progress of the Open Data Policy is focused on achievement of a major milestone: the launch of the Open Data Portal. The portal was the result of nearly two years of hard work by the Data & Analytics team, the larger Performance & Analytics Department, and the information coordinators and data stewards throughout the City who provided critical support to our efforts. The City of San Diego has greatly improved transparency and efficiency in these two short years and is in position to become a leader in data-enabled government.

The portal is just one example of how the Open Data Policy has instigated change across the City. Our Police Department committed to releasing data as part of the White House Police Data Initiative. Our Public Records Act Request process became more efficient with the launch of an online tool, NextRequest. The City published its first public-facing performance dashboard featuring more than 30 metrics. Employees in every department have approached us with ideas about how they can use data to improve how the City does business. Making data available on the portal will empower employees to continue to innovate.

We will be expanding our services in the near future to include using analytics to solve real City problems and are exploring our capacity to offer a broader data education program. We look forward to helping the City and the larger community realize more of the benefits of open data.

Almis Udrys,
Director of Performance & Analytics
Maksim Pecherskiy,
Chief Data Officer

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